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Both! The garden journal comes with the date and month section in blank. This means you fill it in and decide when the growing season starts for you!

Nope! You can start whenever you like.

The garden journal can be used in all types of gardening. There are certain sections that might not be relevant for someone with a big garden like the container size section but everything else is adaptable to fit your needs in your little green oasis.

Yes of course! You can use it on any plant that needs special care or you want to keep an eye on. There might be certain sections that don’t apply to house plants like the harvest section but the journal is versatile enough to meet your needs whatever they might be.

The garden journal can be used by all growers. While a beginner might benefit from the guided layout and the tips section, someone who is more advanced will find planning and referencing previous months more helpful as well as the super huge companion planting chart 😉

Our day to day lives revolve around phones, computers and constant distraction from social media. Taking care of plants is an opportunity to get your hands dirty and to enjoy some time away from the screen. We wanted to create something that pulls you out of the rat race. Writing things down has been proven to help people be more present and to de-stress. There is a wonderful connection between your mind and your hands that makes writing and note taking therapeutical and encourages comprehension and even help your memory. Plus water, sun and soil is an accident waiting to happen for any phone. We had to learn the hard way.

Our mission is to get people to feel confident about growing their own food. With a digital PDF we are able to make the planner more accessible to anyone wanting to grow.

We completely understand and that is why we went the extra mile to make sure that the materials used are eco-conscious and environmentally friendly. To the degree, that if you wanted to, you could shred the planner and throw it into your worm bin or compost! It’s perfectly safe.

You can use it for one growing season or keep track of perennials for a longer period of time. We want our growers to save their garden journals for years to come and use them to get better every year. This will be particularly useful when testing different growing methods and referencing the past to see where things were successful or not.

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