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The perfect journal to help you grow your garden.

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“Beautiful garden journal – exactly what I was looking for! Well organized and beautifully bound with everything needed for your garden planning. Shipped very quickly as well!”

— Sarah, UK

Wonderfully designed book that I got for my friends’ birthday. Perfect for garden lovers. Even the package it’s shipped with is super cute – I can only recommend! I was actually shocked by the amount of content the book offers considering it’s so affordable.”

— Kathi, Austria

“This is a seriously beautiful journal, and useful. I am already using it in planning some new garden spaces. Thank you!”

— Emily, USA

Why The Green Conspiracy Garden Journal?

We created this garden journal so that anyone with an itchy green finger can feel empowered to grow their own food.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced gardener, or somewhere in between; The Green Conspiracy Garden Journal will become your new gardening essential.

Keep your green babies happy!

All the seed packet info, advice from your grandmother and internet suggestions, in one place. No more rummaging through disorganised drawers!

woman writing in garden journal

Feel confident. You got it!

A smart template where you can chart your plant’s growth cycle from seed to harvest. Your garden journal will help you spot anything you’ve missed and identify a problem in time to do something about it!

Up your growing game!

Because you’re 43% more likely to achieve your gardening goals by writing them down. Improve with every season and bask in the glow of pride and satisfaction of being able to grow your own food!

woman reading the garden journal
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