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About us


We created this garden journal so that anyone with an itchy green finger can feel empowered to grow their own food. Whether it’s growing tomatoes on a windowsill, garlic on a balcony or a full-blown urban garden.

We want people to reap the health benefits of gardening and not just the harvest. Studies have shown that being around plants is incredible for our health in every way. But gardening can easily become a source of stress. There is sooo much to do, so much information out there and keeping everything organised can turn into a logistical nightmare..  

This is exactly what happened in our little urban garden. Plants were a green escape from the hustle and bustle of our everyday urban lives but as the number of plants grew, maintaining everyone happy became too much. The tomatoes sagged, the potatoes shrivelled up and the arugula took over everything. So we decided to come up with a solution without the use of technology so that our garden can continue being a screen free oasis.

We wanted to create the ultimate garden journal would not only guide you and help you get organised but also give you confidence. There is nothing worse than staring absent-mindedly at your plants for 15 minutes trying to decide what needs to be done in the short time you have, or even worse. What did you do last week? We’ve all been there.

In the long run, we want to do our part in making our cities greener by getting more people aware of how easy and simple it is to grow edible plants and bask in the glow of pride and satisfaction! After all, it’s The Green Conspiracy…


Why growing your own food is amazing.


1. You can grow varieties that are not available in the shop. Huacatay anyone, it’s a type of aztec basil that can be eaten and aphids hate it. We know, right?

2. Reduce food miles! Basil, one of the most common herbs in Europe is imported from Spain. That’s about 1869km per truck. If 500 people grow basil at home that’s 1 truck off the road. Not bad, don’t you think?

3. You have full control over what you grow. If you use organic fertilisers, your plants will be the cleanest food you will ever eat. No pesticides, no crazy additives, noooothing….

Itchy green thumb?

Get insights on growing edible plants and our adventures & experiments in the garden.

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