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Growing these herbs at home will save you money

Have you ever stood staring at the price of fresh herbs in the grocery store, wondering if you really want to spend that much? Luckily, there is an easy solution to the heartache brought on by throwing away money and wilted herbs: growing herbs at home.

How to grow microgreens indoors: what you need to know

Microgreens are truly a wonderful thing to start growing right now, this very minute, at home. Read ahead to understand more about the micro world and how to be the most successful with your first batches of babies.

5 unusual vegetables to plant in the fall

We are solidly into fall, nearing the end of October: Duhn duhn duhn, cue the spooky music. In the summer months there is such a rush of energy, color, and aliveness that at some point it seems unreal that fall and winter are ahead. In the midst of the heat, it feels that summer must be endless.

Deer, moles, and other garden pests

Dealing with pests in your home garden can sometimes feel like you’re trying to protect your castle from an enemy you can’t even see. Things are finally growing and then WHAM, a rabbit who only comes out at night or a minute insect wipes out a good bit of your hard work in no time at all.

Pests in the city and how to deal with them

Pests are simply creatures that are going about their business, but their business happens to involve damaging a plant we have put our hearts and hard work into growing. One advantage to urban gardening is not having to worry about common garden pests like deer and rabbits, but unfortunately insects and other small creatures can make their way anywhere. Most are harmless, some are beneficial (pollination, eating other insects), but a few can cause real damage to our gardens and need attention. 

How to pick the best pots for your plants: the complete guide.

There are so many things to consider when starting container gardening or expanding your collection. Types and numbers of plants to grow, where the plants will go, the soil, the watering, the timing, daydreaming about how beautiful they’re going to look!

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