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Which animals eat your vegetable garden?

Dealing with pests in your home garden can sometimes feel like you’re trying to protect your castle from an enemy you can’t even see. Things are finally growing and then WHAM, a rabbit who only comes out at night or a minute insect wipes out a good bit of your hard work in no time at all.

How to pick the best pots for your plants: the complete guide.

There are so many things to consider when starting container gardening or expanding your collection. Types and numbers of plants to grow, where the plants will go, the soil, the watering, the timing, daydreaming about how beautiful they’re going to look!

Soil vs Hydroponics: what you need to know before growing hydroponic plants.

I have decided that is high time we tackle this topic as my next article because in fact is a pretty hot topic of conversation. Especially in Berlin, where we have incredible startups like infarm, who specialise in hydroponic production in urban areas, supplying restaurants, supermarkets and much more, and therefore cutting down on the food miles as in most places their setup is installed in-house.

Health of soil: A comprehensive guide for the garden nerd

For many, it is taught from a young age to stay as far away from soil as possible – getting dirty is a bad thing and therefore soil is a bad thing. But soil is an important part of our lives and history and we wouldn’t be here without it. It is the birthplace of the vast array of plants we see covering the earth, including the ones in our gardens.

A brief history of urban farming…to urban gardening.

Urban gardening is nothing new. In fact, it’s been around for as long as humans have lived in cities! Through time, the significance of urban gardening has taken on different levels of meaning; serving as tools for social reform, as subsistence in times of food insecurity, and even as a simple pastime in times of prosperity.