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Mushroom growing in compost boxes

How to grow mushrooms: step-by-step

Mushrooms are not one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of growing your own food. While it can be a little tricky, there are many reasons to try it out. SO we take you through each step to make it simple!

ginger roots

How to grow ginger from root (anywhere!)

What if we told you how to grow ginger from root, anywhere in the world? Pretty tempting isn’t it? We talk you through it step by step.

saffron grown at home in a cointainer

How to grow saffron at home

What if we told you that it is easy to grow saffron at home. And it comes from a beautiful flower! We talk you through each step to grow your own. Read on!

two lemons growing in a pot

How to grow a lemon tree: step-by-step

Have you ever wanted to grow a fruit tree but thought it wasn’t possible because of climate, space, or some other constraint? This step-by-step will guide you through how to grow lemons on your own, at home.

truffles in hand

How to grow truffles : step-by-step

Like so many other things, what is expensive to buy is much less expensive to grow. Truffles are simply a (delicious) fungus growing on a tree root, and yes you can grow them yourself. Read on to know how to grow truffles!

Growing these herbs at home will save you money

Have you ever stood staring at the price of fresh herbs in the grocery store, wondering if you really want to spend that much? Luckily, there is an easy solution to the heartache brought on by throwing away money and wilted herbs: growing herbs at home.

How to grow microgreens indoors: what you need to know

Microgreens are truly a wonderful thing to start growing right now, this very minute, at home. Read ahead to understand more about the micro world and how to be the most successful with your first batches of babies.

kohlrabi in a garden

5 unusual vegetables to plant in the fall

We are solidly into fall, nearing the end of October: Duhn duhn duhn, cue the spooky music. In the summer months there is such a rush of energy, color, and aliveness that at some point it seems unreal that fall and winter are ahead. In the midst of the heat, it feels that summer must be endless.