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Garden Poster – Incompatible Vegetables
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Garden Poster – Incompatible Vegetables

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Besides looking awesome on your wall, this garden poster will help you find the troublemakers that are most likely to affect your garden harvest.
No more unintentionally planting bad companions next to each other!


Just like humans, most plants are happier if they enjoy their neighbors. Companion planting is the artform of creating a plant community where neighboring plants benefit each other. And so to help you increase your harvest, we created a garden poster!

In general, most plants get along with everybody. However, some are happier if they have a little space from certain other plants. This can be because two plants compete for the same nutrients, one plant grows taller than another and creates a shadow, or a plant attracts insects that severely harm the other.

It is important to understand that while there is research behind companion planting, much of the guidelines are not set in stone. It’s important to observe your space and come to your own conclusions. Our Garden Journal can help you keep track of your observations. Good luck and happy growing!

Our garden poster is 100% recyclable and compostable.
Printing – Carbon neutral (40 kg of CO2)
Paper: 150g/m2 FSC®-certified made from 100% post-consumer waste.
Ink – free from toxic heavy metals based on vegetable oils.

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Weight 0,150 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 10 cm


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