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I cannot find my question!

Please email us at if we missed something. We would be more than happy to answer all your questions.

What is our return policy?

In accordance with German law, we provide a return policy within 14 days of purchase. Please check out our terms & conditions for more details.

Why am I not able to buy more than 10 planners on the website?

We currently have limited stock. We are still testing the waters and figuring out the ins and outs of running a small business and the logistics of sending heavy packages across the globe. Apparently it’s super expensive. Who would have figured? Nevertheless if you would like to buy more than 10 planners just write us […]

I have feedback!

Fantastic! We would be so happy to hear what you think about our products and how you found it useful or not. All feedback is welcome and you will not only be helping us but our community of grower and planers. Please email us at

Is the journal only viable for one year?

You can use it for one growing season or keep track of perennials for a longer period of time. We want our growers to save their garden journals for years to come and use them to get better every year. This will be particularly useful when testing different growing methods and referencing the past to […]

I live a zero-waste lifestyle and I do not want to buy more products!

We completely understand and that is why we went the extra mile to make sure that the materials used are eco-conscious and environmentally friendly. To the degree, that if you wanted to, you could shred the planner and throw it into your worm bin or compost! It’s perfectly safe.